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Shipping condition
We adopt EXW term. Generally, we choose EMS or UPS as our forwarder,sometimes we choose DHL,FedEx as well, Of course, you can choose your own most favorable forwarder, and we would provide the freight bill according to the quantity and weight of the total products, Freight Collect can also be acceptable.
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About Lithium Polymer Battery
Q: How does charging current relate to capacity?
A: First of all, make sure of the rate for a given length of charging and use the following rule: Amps = Capacity / Time to Charge. For instance, to charge a 1200mAh battery in 20 minutes requires a current setting of 3.6 amps: amps = 1200mAh / .33 hours = 1.2Ah X 3 hours =3.6 amps. The same rule can also be reworked to determine how long it will take to charge a battery at a given current: Time to Charge = Capacity / Amps. So, the time it takes to charge a 1500mAh battery at 5 amps is 18 minutes: Time to Charge = 1500mAh / 5A = 1.5Ah / 5A = 0.3 hours = 18 minutes. The charging process is not totally efficient; some of the energy is lost as heat, and the charging takes place a little longer than this.

Q: How can I make certain my packs are fully charged?
A: GWS or E-flite peak chargers automatically do this. If you don’t have a peak charger, well provide the way to monitor the charge yourself. Youll simply stop charging when one of the following things occurs: either the pack starts to get warm or the charging voltage starts to drop. Warning: if youre doing a manual fast charge (by watching the temperature and/or voltage yourself), pay attention. If the batteries get too much charge, they will overheat, and that could damage or even destroy your batteries.
Quotation Expiration date
Anyone who wants to purchase our products can ask for our quotation. Our quotations are based on the "Ex-works"term. The price we supply at is dependent upon the quantity or number of items ordered. We require dealers to purchase a minimum number of some items, or to make a minimum order value. The valid period of the quotation is 30 days. All prices subject to change without notice.
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